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Services: International venue search

Challenge: Source a venue for a team event that would meet very particular criteria in terms of location and space


A private investment firm that holds a biannual offsite summer event to build employee commitment needed to find a venue that met a variety of not so basic requirements.

The event aimed to inspire 120 of its key employees about the direction and focus of the company which had shifted towards ‘sustaining excellence’.

By sharing information about the company’s new ambitions and encouraging attendees to bond and socialise in informal ways, the event aimed to create a sense of excitement, galvanising each individual into feeling personally accountable for the growth of the business.

The delivery of the content was, of course, important to fostering this engagement but the company also recognised that the setting played an important part.

Powwow faced quite a challenge.

The venue needed to be ‘somewhere in Europe’ with warm weather; a setting with indoor and outdoor space that could be used flexibly and creatively for the plenary sessions; offer a good range of leisure activities such as golf, tennis, water sports and restaurants for attendees to enjoy; and have accommodation with at least a four-star rating.

Very importantly, it also had to be located in a convenient spot that could be easily reached by air from the three countries the employees were based in the UK, Germany and Luxembourg.

The budget was healthy but not expansive. Costs needed to reflect market value and we had to be able to justify our spend.

Powwow spent many hours searching for the perfect venue.

We were able to reply on our:

  • Sound understanding of working in Europe.
  • Strong contacts and relationships with hotel groups, chains and individual properties.
  • Good knowledge of destination management companies in Europe, which we could call on for advice.
  • Connections with tourist boards, which again we could use to gain more knowledge about the locations we were proposing.
  • How to navigate hotel databases and websites.
  • Attention to detail in our approach. We are careful to ensure that any proposed venues meet all the criteria by discussing the requirements with the site before including it in a venue search proposal.

Following an extensive search, the chosen venue was the Pine Cliffs Resort in Portugal.

The client’s feedback told us we absolutely made the right choice.