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Fidelity has been working with Powwow to deliver a significant number of events since 2010. We have assisted with a number of external events, as well as their internal UK Strategy Launch.

What /

For their largest project with us to date, Fidelity came to us to create their UK Strategy Launch Event for 2,000+ employees, hosted over two days. The programme needed to allow Fidelity to brief their UK staff on a new, high level strategy that would effectively change the company’s way of working and mark the beginning of a broader cultural change programme. The event had to be memorable and make staff feel energised and excited, give them a clear understanding of the proposition and get them ready to embrace the change.

How /

When it became clear that we weren’t going to find a venue locally that fitted the brief, we worked with Fidelity to design a bespoke temporary structure to be built in the grounds of Fidelity HQ. The resulting marquee was a unique solution, enabling us to create the exact meeting space required with four individual ‘experience zones’ using innovative, location-based event technology. With the location found, we then worked closely with Fidelity on their ‘Think Differently’ launch campaign. The 2,000+ employees were divided into 15 cohorts (approx. 130 in each group), with each cohort invited to attend a two-hour interactive session.

Without the creative thinking, supportive approach and can-do attitude from the Powwow Events team, particularly in coming up with the venue solution, we would not have been able to deliver such a successful launch.

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