Insights/ Why Use an Event App?

Author: Laura Donhou, Senior Event Manager

Even though event apps have been around for many years and are becoming part of our normal operations, it is still fantastic to introduce this technology to a new client.

An event app designed and developed by Powwow boosted networking at a new client’s recent four-day conference held in the UK.

The app allowed delegates to message each other privately and post on discussion boards. It also cut out the need for any paper or printing since the conference details (such as venue location and timings), agenda, speaker list and attendee list were all shared in one place and in a more eco-friendly way –via smartphone or tablet.

In addition, the technology encouraged interactivity. For example, delegates could use the app to pose a question related to a particular session that would feed through to the relevant speakers, so they could see what kind of topics were of interest.

The app was particularly relevant for our client, an international education group, because it relies on networking and engaging with people from across the globe. It went live a week before the conference making the sharing of important details easily accessible and convenient for delegates. It also allowed them to think ahead about issues they may want to raise and discuss, and start connecting with each other before meeting in person.

The app proved effective in sparking debate and linking people up – with users still active on the app, posting questions or asking for advice from fellow delegates, a few weeks after the event.

Event apps are continuing to be popular as a cost-effective way to build a sense of anticipation among attendees and create and sustain interest. They allow clients to give out key details in advance but then gradually release information around session content, keynote speakers, discussion boards, resources and toolkits to further boost engagement.

A key benefit is that an app allows an individual to pick and choose how best to use it – they can opt to use it simply as an information resource or take fuller advantage of its interactive and social media features.

Clients can use the data captured by the app to measure whether objectives have been met, extracting qualitative data from discussion boards or stats from polls run during sessions, gauging the level of interactivity through download numbers or how many private messages were sent in total, as well as having fast access to delegate numbers.

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