Insights/ The Challenge of Hybrid

Author: Natalie Quance

Hybrid seems to be the latest buzz word. Everyone is talking about it but there are so many interpretations of hybrid, what does it really mean and how does it apply to your events?

By definition a hybrid event is a conference, tradeshow, workshop or any type of event that combines a ‘live’ in-person experience with a virtual online component.

A current focus for many of our clients is around the transition from fully virtual events back to a live environment. The fact these conversations are happening is very exciting and demonstrates the strong desire across many industries to return to in-person events as the restrictions ease.

This desire is where the drive for hybrid events is coming from, as they can provide the transition between virtual and wholly in-person events. Hybrid events take on many different forms, including:

  • Hosting a conference virtually but offering separate in-person social or networking opportunities
  • Inviting all delegates to attend in-person, with a live stream available for delegates who would rather not / are unable attend in-person
  • Speakers and a small group of delegates attend in-person but the majority of delegates attend virtually
  • Speakers and all delegates attend in-person, with additional speakers joining virtually who may not be able to attend in person due to travel restrictions / sustainability factors
  • Allowing speakers to come together in a studio to present live (or pre-record) to a virtual audience. The studio can be an established premises or a temporary studio set up in your offices

When thinking about hybrid events there are many questions to consider:

  • How do we engage an in-person and virtual audience at the same time?
  • How do we make sure both sets of delegates benefit equally from the event?
  • How can we enhance the virtual audience experience or facilitate networking for them?
  • How can we promote an in-person and virtual event?
  • How many people do we plan for?
  • What type of event space do we need to ensure both the in-person and virtual audience have a great experience?
  • What technology do we need?
  • How can we stretch the budget to accommodate both an in-person event and a virtual element?

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