Insights/ Surprising and delighting our customers

Author: Marketing

Surprising and delighting our customers is not only a Powwow mantra, but an approach which we try to embrace at all our events.

On a recent familiarisation trip, our exceptional hosts demonstrated how it can be done with ease, grace and class.

It’s all about the special touches; the personal handwritten notes, the pre-stamped postcards to send to loved ones, the personalised signage on a bedroom door, communication that shows you care and have listened and can tailor the event to suit your customer.

How about a voucher to pick up a Gordon Ramsay restaurant quality picnic at the airport to take on the plane with you? You want to offer an alternative food offering beyond the airline catering. That’s a nice touch. Or in a restaurant, the menu that caters for your dietary requirements so you don’t need to mention on the night in front of your clients/guests as they’ve discreetly figured it out and delivered a delicious meal without any fuss.

Surprise your guests beyond what is shown on the itinerary.

Cliveden House is steeped in a rich history and on a recent show round we were treated to an embodiment of ‘Churchill’ himself whose presence put history into context (he was a regular guest at the Astor family house, a touch that was very instagramable)!

Adding the fun factor can delight your customers. An ice breaker that’s delivered well and that engages the group to get conversation flowing.

Most companies can book a fabulous venue, they can buy in great team building activities, provide great entertainment, but it’s the personal touches, delivered in an exceptional way, which truly surprises and delights customers.

Our thanks must go to Cliveden House, Columbus Monte-Carlo, Lafayette, Visit Monaco and Fairmont Monte Carlo for restoring our faith in excellence and for a #lifetimefam.