Insights/ Kickstart 2021 for your team – focus of health and wellbeing

Author: Natalie Quance

As the end of 2020 draws to a close, what a year it has been. No one expected we would still be working from home when we packed up our desks back in March to ‘work from home for a few weeks’.

The vast majority of our clients’ teams are still working from home, having adapted their home environment, juggling children or working with partners, friends and roommates in the same spaces. 2020 has certainly tested everyone, some individuals have thrived in this new environment and way of working, others have really struggled and can’t wait to get back to the office and a sense of normal.

With 2020 likely to be known as one of the most challenging years of our generation, the focus on personal wellbeing and mental health has never been more important. We have seen this acknowledged not only in our personal lives, but within a workplace setting, with an increase in employers driving wellbeing in their internal communications and delivering wellness initiatives for their teams.

As we look ahead to 2021, now more than ever we are thinking about how our clients’ teams will be feeling in January 2021. The weather is cold, days short and the buzz of Christmas is a faded memory, not to mention dry January. As we wait for the Covid-19 vaccines to be implemented across the UK and for life to return to a new normal, the question is ‘how can we support our teams at the start of 2021?’

The Powwow team have already been supporting clients with virtual wellbeing campaigns in Q4 of 2020 and planning sessions to be delivered in 2021. Whether it is to inject a bit of fun with high energy exercise sessions over lunchtime, laughter yoga, learning a TikTok routine with our favorite choreographer; to sessions that focus a little more on mental health, delivered by experienced coaches, including the science of happiness, making friends with your mind, self-care for busy people, how we become more resilient and the art of meditation. We have a whole host of ideas ready to share with you.

We have also been planning team bonding and collaboration activities, for a ‘welcome back to the office’ launch event. These can be delivered virtually or in-person and are a great way to integrate teams into new ways of working.

The Powwow team can support with all areas of virtual and in-person delivery from ideas and concept development, supplier and partner sourcing, full project management and appropriate technology selection - we are able to utilise clients’ current technology resources or we have our own virtual platform which we would love to show you.

Can we support you to deliver a Wellbeing Week in January, a series of virtual activities or a team activity at the heart of a ‘welcome back to the office’ launch in 2021? Please do get in touch,