Insights/ How to ensure your company culture survives the pandemic

Author: Katie Curzon

Having just recently returned from my maternity leave bubble, one of many things that has struck me is how quickly organisations and individuals have adapted to our new norm. Changes like flexible hours and remote working that for some, were going to take light years to implement have happened overnight. Many of these are hugely beneficial to employees both now and in the longer term.

But what is the cost of these changes to a company’s culture, and how is the relationship between the employee and the employer impacted?

At Powwow we are supporting our clients to help them address these topics by way of their current (virtual) employee communications and helping them to plan for face-to-face events in Q3/Q4. The projects are of course all different, but there are a number of commonalities.

  • Communication is key – there is a stronger desire to understand what’s going on and what’s next. Offering frequent, open and honest, two-way communication is essential.
  • Leading with humanity – qualities such as empathy, vulnerability and authenticity are at the forefront. Leaders who are willing to share both their personal challenges, and the business challenges ahead, strengthen relationships and build trust.
  • Storytelling – whilst data is vital and underpins strategy, when it comes to inspirational communication it can only take you so far. The best communicators are those who can take facts and immerse them into a relatable story, creating an emotional connection with employees, in a way that data and facts alone cannot.
  • Words only go so far – actions really make the difference. Holding a virtual employee conference is one thing – it’s the steps that follow that are more important.
  • Relationships and connectivity – employees often thrive as a result of face-to-face collaboration and contact, which naturally occurs in an office environment. We need to think differently about this and to not assume that the same connections will be made virtually.
  • Boundaries and space – when work equals home and home equals work, with no commute to give space and reflect, what’s the impact of being ‘always on’? A focus on boundaries and supporting teams to be resilient and productive is key.
  • Embrace technology to support connectivity – screen fatigue is a real challenge but technology is still an essential tool to ensure teams remain connected. Ensure the most appropriate technology is being used and there is the right balance between onscreen and offscreen connection.

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