Insights/ Getting back to business - A COVID-secure event space

Author: Matt Edgcumbe

Let’s be honest, it’s been a tough time for the events industry.

From talking to clients over the past few months, we know there is still a need, and a desire, to hold events, to communicate with audiences, whether that’s shareholders, employees or your clients, in an engaging and effective way.

Video calls can only go so far.

We also know that our clients have some concerns. How can they do this in a safe and secure way? What can and can’t they do? And who’s going to do it first?!

That’s why we have collaborated with some amazing industry partners to offer our clients exclusive use of a COVID-secure adaptable studio space.

Located at Pennyhill Park hotel in Surrey, part of the Exclusive Collection, the event space can be designed to a client’s specific requirements. The studio can be branded, the layout adapted and it has all the state-of the-art technical requirements in place for a live stream or to pre-record content.

Clients will be able to access the meeting facilities at Pennyhill Park and have smaller face-to-face, socially-distanced meetings, if required. The hotel is only 30-40 minutes from LHR and LGW, with ample parking space (and accommodation if required) so it avoids the need to use public transport.

In this uncertain time, we feel this allows you to have an element of certainty. You can plan for a face-to-face event but have the ability to adapt to a fully virtual event, all in the same location, with the same team and fulfilling the same objectives.

Rather than ‘wait and see’ what happens over the next few months, we’re ready to support you to enhance your virtual events and effectively communicate with your key audiences, in whatever form that may take.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch