Insights/ Employee wellness in 2021

Author: Charlotte McCormack

With 2020’s global pandemic having a significant impact on our mental health, we find ourselves in 2021 working hard to bring back what we lost in the previous year. A topic that in the past has perhaps been seen as a luxury or a Millennial fad has now been recognised as something holding just as much importance as our physical health.

At the Global Wellness Summit in November 2020, it was stated that we shall see a new convergence between healthcare and wellness, forecasting that “wellness will increasingly get the science-backed credibility of the medical industry” and that “COVID-19 has shined a pitiless spotlight on the importance of preventative lifestyle approaches, and how our future survival will depend on a new alignment between wellness and healthcare”.

With this new spotlight on our wellbeing, we are now re-looking at how our government, institutions and organisations can contribute. Dr Alex George, A&E doctor, social media influencer and all-round healthcare advocate, recently announced his #mentalhealthmatters initiative, with the aim of introducing quality mental health teaching and support within our educational system.

And what about the workplace?

A recent report by Wellable found that “employers are investing most in mental health (88%), telemedicine (87%), stress management/resilience (81%), mindfulness and meditation (69%), and COVID-19 risk intake/wellness passport (63%) programs”. Encouragingly, employees are increasingly taking notice of the importance of our wellbeing.

At Powwow, we have seen this reflected across our client base, with an increase in us supporting internal communication teams with virtual wellbeing campaigns and delivering wellness initiatives across their teams. These initiatives offer a variety of informative sessions run by experts in mental health, activities to inject a bit of fun back within the team, or bonding and team collaboration activities designed to support company culture.

Our support with these campaigns has included ideas and concept development, supplier and partner sourcing, full project management and appropriate technology selection - we are able to utilise clients’ current technology resources or we have our own virtual platform which is available to use.

With these initiatives, our clients have really hit the ground running with their focus on wellbeing within the workplace, and are leading the way for a continued recognition of their employees mental health and happiness.

And should you follow suit? Haptivate state that “companies that create a positive employee experience are 21% more profitable and enjoy 37% higher sales than their competitors”. Not only that but “FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by 10%”. Also, “the ROI of workplace wellbeing initiatives is as high as 34x the initial outlay”… We think it’s a no-brainer.

You can find more information about how we can help you deliver your wellness initiative on our website. Alternatively please contact us if you wish to discuss further at